Snowboarding all about the enders. Openers are highly regarded, and of course, every part in a movie deserves its share of acclaim, but it’s the last portion of a movie or edit that lays claim to the heaviest tricks, the most technical moves, and the highest honor. As the level of riding continues to skyrocket and digital parts take on a new meaning as stand-alone videos, the ender now also easily refers to the hammer trick at that finishes a specific part at any point in a movie. There’s a multitude of bangers that are deserving of the description and thus, SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Ender/Ender was born to celebrate these closing tricks. Each issue, SNOWBOARDER’s Ender/Ender provides a parting shot from a rider’s last trick in their video part. As you await the new season of Ender/Enders in this winter’s magazines, enjoy these Ender/Enders that last year left a lasting impression to set the stoke until the next magazine comes out.