It is our duty to separate the fake from the fakie news for our readership, and although Yuki Kadono‘s method on the cover of our latest issue looks photoshopped, he indeed boosted that high and Chris Wellhausen was there to capture it. You can check our twitter for proof. Find your local shop and pick up your free copy today!

From cover to cover, issue two of our thirtieth volume stays true to snowboarding and brings coverage that you can’t get in 140 characters or less, and frankly, we are happy about it. Dive in and see what it was like when hundreds of the top and up-and-coming riders are all in one place lapping in our #Superpark21 feature. Get to know the casts of our movies that just dropped on iTunes with interviews and a behind the scenes look at the making of Pepper and Beacon. And oh yeah, we have the top 2018 park snowboards tested and rated so you can make a well-informed decision when you step into your local shop and get your kit dialed this season.

We are back with our fourth movie in four years. Get all the exclusive content inside!


Superpark 21

Presented by Nexen Tire, Mammoth Mountain, Pisten Bully, and Oakley, check out the top photos from one of the biggest and baddest terrain parks ever created with the help of multiple crews and over two weeks of building.

A Spotlight on Beacon

The evolution of Louif Paradis’ first full-length feature film that includes riding from Russia, Quebec, British Columbia, Japan, and much more.

Louif and director Hayden Rensch took a crew of riders around the world and lucky for us, they scored.

Who is Pepper?

Four films in four years? Behind the scenes with SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s latest film featuring Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier Mikey Rencz, Ozzy Henning, Ted Borland, Sage Kotsenburg, Nils Mindnich, Garrett Warnick, and Justin Keniston.

Double Speak

The former Forum teammates Pat Moore and Austen Sweetin reunite once again to talk about their past, present, and future strapped in.

Scotty James is the “The Blackboard Experiment.”

The Blackboard Expirement

Scotty James puts the top 2018 park boards to the test at Mammoth Mountain for this years Blackboard Experiment. See what board comes out on top!

Method of the Month

Yuki Kadono got the cover with his Superpark 21 method… see who snagged the Method of the Month on the inside!

Still want more? We have more. Other features include:

Cold Front
Genuine Draft with Pat “the eYe” Bridges
Still Got It
Message Boardin’
Sequence and Destroy
Name Droppin’

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