You guys have been very patient with us here at SNOWBOARDER as we got this rolling this season and it’s finally official: we are back with the third year of Feature Presentation, your weekly look-book of what’s happening in resorts across North America and beyond. The winter of 2016 is off to a great start. The West Coast is already breaking its dry streak with tons of consistent storms and lots of powder that has turned into perfect park-building fodder. The Rockies are blanketed in the white stuff, per usual. The Midwest is getting it done, too, with snowfall and dedicated diggers that have been turning out lines for the rail riding denizens of the region and after some unseasonably warm conditions, the East Coast is firing now! It’s the perfect time to bring back Feature Presentation so you can get a glimpse of what the park crews at your favorite mountains have been up to and what you can look forward to riding this week.

As always, this photo gallery is a weekly park report, showcasing photos that have been taken from the past seven days. Click through, enjoy, and of course, #thankaparkranger because they’re out there trying to avoid premature arthritis raking everything to perfection. If you are on a park crew and want to get involved, head over to our contact page and submit your photos!

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