Day 4 Ms. Superpark Recap

words: Stan Leveille
photos: Mary Walsh, Chris Wellhausen

While aimlessly googling the term “day four” in search of inspiration for a metaphor to adequately describe the wrap of Ms. Superpark, I was inevitably led towards a biblical reference about the fourth day of creation on earth. In summary, It was day four when god decided that night and day were two separate times. I’m paraphrasing here of course, I am not exactly a bible connoisseur. But alas it was the spark I needed. “Night and day.” This was a week where we saw almost every single rider leave a better rider than they showed up. A night and day difference in some cases. A gigantic thank you to Eldora for building a set-up that allowed for such progression.


Ms. Superpark Standout:

Nora Beck

Why: Charged all features with speed and power. Noteable rider in almost every session.

Ms. IceQueen:

Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir

Why: She’s from Iceland, and was likely the most widely loved at any given point throughout the day.

Queen’s Court:

Naima Antolin

Nirvana Ortanez

Melissa Riitano

Why: These riders were constantly catalysts in starting vital sessions throughout the week.

Zero Regard for Safety:

Lauren Derminio

Why: I mean, did you see the footy?

Honorable Mention: Christy Prior

Why: She could have won standout but left a day early!


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