Twelve years wasn’t really that long ago, but watching Finger on da Trigger’s 2002 movie, Gen-Pop definitely brings back memories of popping in the VHS before riding to watch a few parts to get hyped before going to the mountain. In celebration of twenty years of Technine, FODT a staple in the heritage of T9 is releasing this classic example of early 2000’s snowboarding that shaped the way ‘boarding has evolved to its current state. Watch, re-watch, and be stoked. Featuring MFM, Chris Coulter, Scotty Goodale, Lil Steez, Ali Goulet, TJ Schneider, Ryan Thompson, Seth Huot, J2, Justin Hebbel, Gaeten Chanut, Ettienne GIlbert, Erik Christensen, Darrell Mathes, and Tyler Laitinen.