words: Andrew Roy
photos: Andrew Santoro

It started out as your traditional Massachusetts gray day and slowly transitioned into a Nor’Easter of hammers and rodeos. Wachusett Mountain was the site of the first, hopefully annual, Technine Open. Technine and Wachusett Parks partnered up to create one hell of a grassroots progression session with some of New England’s top talent. From as far as Pennsylvania to Quebec, riders from the East converged on the rail plaza and hip/wallride feature at Wachusett Mountain. Athletes such as Johnny Deuplisea and Zack Normandin came out to get the kids amped up to win tons of prizes from Technine, Helimounts, Bean Snowboards, Volcom and many more. Rising stars in New England like River Hutchinson and Nick Erickson showed the legends what they were capable of, but it was Dylan Gray, AKA Shut it Down, who came away with top honors of the day with a backside rodeo to lip on the plaza. Wachusett Parks would like to thank everyone who came out, Technine, Bean Snowboards, Helimounts, MountainSide Shop, Eastern Boarder, Apocalypse Gloves, Volcom, and all the riders who came out to slay.