Early in the 2014-15 season, Loon Mountain decided to combine two of their most coveted resources, the most powerful snowmaking arsenal New Hampshire and the esteemed Loon Moutain Park Crew in the creation of an NBD contest based around one of the East Coast’s most hallowed types of terrain: the snowmaking whaleback. While the massive piles of manmade are a staple of the eastern seaboard, the opportunity to make turns along the organic transitions of whales is a rarity and something every Ice Coast born and bred rider looks forward to dropping into given the opportunity.

When temperatures dropped in late December, the snow guns were cranked to eleven and the hardworking snowmakers lined up a few dozen whalebacks running down the Loon Mountain Park trail. On December 31st, the gates were opened to almost one hundred riders for a session steeped with creativity and style. As lines were discovered, park crew worked out the trannies with rakes. Slashes, handplants, massive gaps–surfy style took over the trail immediately and didn’t let up until the sun went down.

Check out this video of what happens when a crowd of snowboarders are let loose on a school of smooth, white whalebacks. Featuring John Murphy, Eugene Stancato, Gravedigger, Zeachman, Jacques Beriau, Mike Ravelson, Johnny O’Connor, Merrick Joyce, and many more.