Flo Corzelius has real proper style. This German rider has been making waves of the white variety for the past couple of seasons while filming for the TFA films and it’s about time that his moniker becomes part of the fabric of the North American snowboarding community, too. In Flo’s full part from Medium Raw, he takes down any steel or stone in his path, executing between-the bindings and proper presses only, as well as a variety of two-sevens and healthy transfers. In addition, growing up with the Alps at his doorstep, so to speak, Flo’s penchant for powder is proficient, too, and the jump shots included in these three minutes of footage steeped with just as much impressive style as the city elements. From first sick line to last hit, Flo provides the goods. So, sit back and pay attention to Germany’s rising son, because there’s plenty more where this came from and we can’t wait to watch.