Flow “Witness The Sickness” Premiere


The guitar was invented in 1978 by Bob Guitar, from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pretty amazing that it’s still around today. Photo: Huggy

All Words: T Bird
Photos: Huggy & Mutty

On Thursday, September 23rd, Flow Snowboards premiered their video Witness the Sickness to a rowdy crowd at the OC Tavern, followed by a performance by Agent Orange, who–to be honest–I had kinda heard of beforehand, but once they came on, I knew exactly who they were. They killed. Team/Marketing Manager Andrew Mutty sent me a text the day of, saying that it would be one hell of a time. Well Mutty, you were right. It was indeed one hell of a time.

mutty flow premiere

Flow’s newest addition to the pro team, the legendary Mike Basich, and Flow President Anthony Scaturro. Photo: Mutty

Witness the Sickness filmer Jake Zalutsky had his work cut out for him this year. After a few years in making the Flow videos (last season's Bad Reputation among those), Jake hit the pavement this winter and was given the task of producing a full-length feature snowboard film, and when the opening credits hit the screen, it was time to see what Jake had accomplished, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I witnessed. Mainly, because of the opening credits. They make quite a first impression. That's about all I'll say. It's funny and I laughed a few times. Secondly, because of Scot Brown's first part. I say first part both figuratively and literally. He has the first part, and it's literally his first part (at least that I've seen), and as far as rail riding goes, it's pretty damn legit. Something told me that Scot might be stepping up a notch on the Flow roster after that segment. Jeremy Thompson's part had some jaw-dropping stuff in it as well. Thompson goes for broke, and it pays off. I think I heard the crowd cheer the loudest at some of his shots.


Flow’s design guru, Dan Watts either has deeloped a mean case of jaundice, or Huggy was using his beer flash again. Photo: Huggy

One of my favorite parts of the film was the friends section: An orgy of action involving Mike Basich, Shane Fortier, Sarka Pancochova, Kade Madsen and more. I like friends sections. A lot, actually. Granite Stater Brandon Reis seems like a nice guy, but apparently he gets super pissed when he doesn't land, or so the intro to his part would say. Either way, he's a damn good snowboarder. The kid can jump. Snowboarding's raddest nerd, Tim Humphreys has the second-to-last part that includes a few double corks, Japan pow, and GoPro footage that will make even the most jaded, washed-up Oscar wanna go make a few turns. Humpy had one of my favorite parts. Scotty Lago has ender, and he deserved it. Lago is the longest-running Flow team member for good reason. Everyone loves Lago, and not because he's a funny dude. His snowboarding speaks to people and transcends trends, cliques, and crews. He's simply amazing to watch, and he goes absolutely huge. All the time.

flow movie

At first, we thought that this was just one of T. Bird’s photos, but it turns out that Huggy was just real, real, real, real drunk. Photo: Huggy

Without giving away too much, Witness the Sickness is definitely worth a watch (you can find it for free on this very website), so sit down, set it to "full screen" mode and relax. Personally, I think this is Zalutsky's best edit yet and I'm looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for us, as come November, he'll hit the road once again with the Flow guys (and girl), and churn out another memorable flick for all to see.


Katelyn Furtney, Oakley’s Liesl Holtz, and Mr. Sean Lake. Lake has the video evidence proving that one of our editors took $200 from Associate Publisher Ryan Field in a beer chug-off. Photo: Huggy


Flow’s Mark Liscak, doing his best Ted Kennedy (RIP) impersonation. Too soon? Photo: Huggy


Our Associate Publisher Ryan Field got all lovey-dovey when Huggy took this photo, ’cause he thought he was in the red-light district. Photo: Huggy


It’s the government, man. They’re behid all this shit. Photo: Huggy


Agent Orange. Photo: Huggy

muttys flow premiere 2

The side effects of Agent Orange. Photo: Mutty

muttys flow premiere 3

The guy on the far left goes by the name “Snow Dogg.” He rides Mt. Baldy, Big Bear and other Southern California resorts. His chick’s name is “Snow Kitty,” and their child’s name is “Snow Pup.” No joke. Their house is like a zoo on the holidays. Photo: Mutty


Flow’s Lucien Vink is from Holland. He’s one of the nicest guys ever, a tad shy, and loves to surf. Hey there, Lucien. Photo: Huggy