All words and photos: E Stone

Satellite Snowboard Shop, Technine and Nomis presented the world premiere of MFM and FODT's "The Arena" Wednesday night in Boulder, Colorado.  The Reunion is a 19-year-old tradition started by Trent bush back in the Twist and Wave Rave days and is a huge event for the Colorado snowboard scene. I moved out to Colorado in 1993 and remember going to see Twist movies made by Justin Hostynek who now makes Absinthe films.  Trent has carried this torch for many years and kept this event alive. Raul and JG from Satellite also have deep history with this yearly event and thanks to their hard work this year it was all time.  The Fox Theatre in Boulder is the perfect setting for The Reunion since they have a full bar as well as an all ages section.  The night consisted of a full line up of movies and live entertainment.  Besides Arena they played Videograss' Bon Voyage, Air Blaster's Respect your Elders, Satellite's Ride With Us and local band the Cobra Conda's.  With tons of product giveaways, lots of alcohol and generations of snowboarders, how could this not be a good time?

The Reunion 01

I never did a day in collage so just looking at this thing blows my mind. Derek Voit obviously is a collage grad. Props to Derek for making this insane contraption complete with CO2 flow control.

The night for me started early as we had a pre screening of  "The Arena" for local Colorado shops and V.I.P.'s at the brand new Technine HQ in Boulder.  A select group of about 40 people came to check out the new digs and enjoy some chicken wings and sushi, as well as a ton of drinks.  Prop's to Cole Taylor and his crew at FODT for putting together what I feel is Cole's best work to date, although Represent will always be one of my favorite snowboard movies, The Arena really showcased how Cole has grown into an amazing film maker.  The movie has a ton of showings coming up all over the world.  Look at the end of this post for list of premier dates and locations.

The Reunion 02

Good friends and snowboard legends Ninja Jay Isaacs and Screaming Jay Nelson. The little man on the left is Ninja's son Rogan. Potential future ripper for sure.

The Reunion 03

Props to Cody and Evan at Monster for keeping the office laced with Monster!!!

The Reunion 04

With out this guy my life would suck. He helps me with more things at Technine that I can even list. Jon Loether still working even thought there is a full on office party going on. We did drink a shot of that sweet German Schnapps.

The Reunion 05

People mingling in the new office.

The Reunion 06

Marc Frank " Do I have something in my teeth" Montoya.

The Reunion 07

Gun and Roses said it best… ‘I’m on the nightrain Ready to crash and burn I never learn I’m on the nightrain I love that stuff I’m on the nightrain I can never get enough I’m on the nightrain Never to return’ Derek Dennison ready to crash and Burn… props to Mary at Windells for sending this gift to the office.

The Reunion 08

Fox Theater

The Reunion 09

Tucker Andrews and Andrew Brewer Ready to see some dope shred movies.

The Reunion 10

These guys have been shredding since before you were born and they are owed some heavy respect… Left to right. Trent Bush founder of Twist Clothing and now my biz partner, George Pappas this dude was getting covers in 88', Matt Nipper founder of Aggression snowboards and board developer who made the first Tarquin Robbins snowboard. Chris Pappas like his brother was out in the late 80's killing it shooting with photogs like Justin Hostynek. Tony King not only is he a great friend but he held the record for fastest snowboarder alive until very recently, now he is a heli-guide in AK. The man on the end is Dave Dowd another straight up legend. It's cool to get all these guys together in one photo.

The Reunion 11

Paxson signing a poster for up and coming super star McLovin

The Reunion 12

Brewer, Thompson, Paxson, MFM, Dennison and Cole holding down the autograph table.

The Reunion 13

When you guys were in Diapers these guys were changing the face of snowboarding. Jay Nelson, Stevie "Awesome" Alters and Adam Merriman.

The Reunion 14

When I moved out to Vail Colorado in 1993 Stevie and Adam were ruling snowboarding and doing things that had never been done before. They took me under their wings and we became instant great friends. Fast-forward 17 years to 2010… Johnnie Paxson Is doing for the sport what these guys did in 1993. Bringing snowboarding to the next level.

The Reunion 15

Dylan Thompson chilling with his girl Jessica and Jeremy the Jeweler. Dylan put down last part in The Arena and it is heavy shit!

The Reunion 16

Spencer Foreman of the band Cobra Conda.

The Reunion 17

Raul Pinto of Satellite, MFM and Cole about to give out a shit load of product.

The Reunion 18

Oh snap is that McLovin?

The Reunion 19

Props to Snowboarder for being a sponsor of The Arena and FODT for ten years!!!

The Reunion 20

One of the cool things about The Reunion is the King and Queen. The have a raffle and give the King and Queen everything you possible need to snowboard. All sorts of shit from Technine, Nomis, Airblaster, Vans, Oakley, Gift certificate to Satellite Installation and Bob Homes even tosses in a season Pass to Winter Park. Ben Lynch even made these guys crowns. These kids are hooked up.

The Reunion 21

Women's push up contest for a Technine board and bindings.

The Reunion 22

Lacy took that shit with 38 push-ups.

The Reunion 23

McLovin perhaps the new Eminem?

The Reunion 24

Did I mention it was the best night of my life?

The Reunion 25

Paxson stole some ones jeep after the premier and went on safari.

The Reunion 26

Boulder is one of the coolest places you can go and hang out in. I even met some wizards after the premier. These dudes are traveling around following The Dead. I thought the dead died but apparently they are still doing this!

The Reunion 27

Raul with the Wizard. He kind of fits right in with that feather in his hand. I think he left with them to go follow the dead.

The Reunion 28

The morning after the Video Premiere Satellite hosts the Reunion sale. Tons of great deals.

Big Props to Raul and JG for making this happen this year.  Satellite would like to thank Bob Holmes at Winter Park, Airblaster, Peter Dericks at Vans, Eric Warble at Oakley, satellite Installation, Cobra Conda, Spencer Foreman, Graham Nation, Mike "Meatball" Mazzotta, Graham Nation, DJ Jorge, Technine, Nomis and of Course MFM and FODT.

If you missed this event this year then no big deal, you can catch the Arena at the following dates listed below.  More premiers are in the works as well.  Next year will be the 20th year of The Reunion so expect some serious shit to go down.

Arena Premier Dates….
10/8/10- 7:00 PM Salt Lake City University of Utah
10/13/10 7:00 PM Greenwich, CT Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas
10/15/10 Reno Nevada, Grand Sierra Resort
10/16/10 Oslo Norway, The Living Room
10/16/10 Gatineau, Quebec.
10/22/10 Niagara Falls, New York at the Convention center.
11/3/10- 7:30 pm to 10 – Lyndonville, VT Alexander Twilight Theater at Lyndon State College.
11/4/10 Waitsfield, VT The Big Picture Theater & Café
11/5/10 Gateway Theatre Ohio State Campus Columbus, Ohio.
11/4/10 8pm Victoria, British Columbia.  Camosun Auditorium.

Check the for updates as well as the Technine Facebook page for more details and updates.