John Jackson. Lake Tahoe backcountry, California. Photo: Ian Ruhter

John Jackson. Lake Tahoe backcountry, California. Photo: Ian Ruhter

forever When the title of your video is Forever, you better put out an all-time shred flick, and that is exactly what Forum did when the cameras were ready to roll. Garnering applause across the board, Forever featured tech rail riding, banger backcountry shots, and double corks galore from nearly half of their current roster. Highlights include Pat Moore's opener, Nic Sauve's Québec-heavy street rail sessions, Jake Welch's air awareness, Blauvelt's big-mountain braggadocio, John Jackson's double-song ender, and much, much more. The cinematography ties together insane riding with precise editing, making Forever the best movie that Forum has produced in years.


Mack Dawg veteran and two-time top-tenner Andreas Wiig is no stranger to shred porn, and he appreciated the film more than most, saying, "The movie has a really good vibe, and you get the feeling that these guys are having a good time snowboarding together. On top of that, it's loaded with bangers. The editing is creative and on point, and you want the movie to last longer." Part of the brains behind possibly the greatest trilogy in snowboard movie history, Robot Food, David Benedek breaks it down in a much more succinct manner. "Bottom line, it gets me stoked to go snowboarding, and that's what counts." Despite its name, Forum's Forever ends entirely too soon, but fortunately, you can just press "Play" again.

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