Words: Eric Meyer
Photos: Kevin Keller

Forum and Standard films really stuck it to the dwindling economy Friday night in San Diego. In the face of other company's cutbacks, these guys premiered their films together at the swank and supersized Balboa Theatre, a venue built for Broadway shows rather than snowboard flicks.

Forum Forever showed first, and had the 800 attendees cheering right away as Pat Moore opened the video with his usual hard-core musical accompaniment with The Sword. The youngbloods, also keeping with Forum movie trends, were all pretty standout too, Cam Pierce and Niko Cioffi especially. Only one season after their last movie, Peter Line, Joni Malmi and Jake Blauvelt kept the crowds talking them up over free beers during the break.

Standard's Black Winter capped off the night, and did so in style. Torstein Horgmo opened with a part for the ages and had possibly the longest line of tricks ever filmed. Mark Landvik killed it in the backcountry and made us wonder why all his parts aren't filmed exclusively with a helmet cam. Seb Toots, Andrew Geeves, and Halldor Helgason expanded the scope of jibbing past rails with wallrides and rooftops galore before Lonnie Kauk's mind-blowing ender. This well-rounded film is truly shelf-worthy, especially if you want to learn double corks by watching the best.

Hit up www.forumsnowboards.com and www.standardfilms.com to pick up copies or find a premiere near you.