LA Forum Premiere 06

One way to ensure that your premier won't turn into a total abortion is to give away free promotional condoms.

Words: Pat Bridges
Photos: Laura Austin

Shit happens. There are a lot of moving parts involved in making a top-tier team video. Bad weather, injuries, roster shuffles, and pressure to keep evolving the product can easily gum up the works. Such was the case for Forum in 2010, yet despite this, the crew persevered, mostly by just saying "Fuck It."

LA Forum Premiere 00

Ian Ruhter taking fancy portraits with his Polaroid camera. Speaking of Polaroids…why is DVS Team Manager Ricky Melnik like a Polaroid picture? The more you try to shake him, the more he shows up.

Since the days of Resistance, Forum's team videos have been renowned for their next level riding and attention to detail with production values and art direction. For the riding, they have relied on a heavy team. In 2010, as I said above a few bad breaks for a few good dudes, (i.e. Pat Moore and Andreas Wiig), took a toll. This is where the depth of the Forum team came into play.  In Fuck It, this gave names like Nic Sauve, Cameron Pierce, Austen Sweetin and Alec Ostreng a chance to move up the marquee. Sauve's opening is solid to say the least with redirects, kinkers and even an urban egg flip. Sweetin follows Sauve with a Youngblood block that includes a front 3 on the biggest inbounds park jump of the year as well as some pyrotechnic stunts at Seven Springs and several tricks on a gap up to banked park rail with high consequence. Alec Ostreng is a name to watch, with some insane air awareness, which includes a double cork put down during his first backcountry booter session ever!

LA Forum Premiere 05

The man, Austen Sweetin lighting it up on out September 2010 SNOWBOARDER cover with the photographer, Tim Peare.

Pat Moore and Andreas Wiig came late to the Fuck It party after spending most of the winter on the DL. They made up for lost time by stepping up their glacier game over the summer and setting down some stunners in the Southern Hemi. Then there is the juggernaut that is John J. His subdued stoner style is once again set aside on-snow as he creates what is probably the heaviest clip collection of the year. In shot after shot, John takes the governor off and corks, uncorks and unleashes.

F It Forum Premiere 07

Rather than relying on one theme to tie the whole project together, Forum said Fuck It and decided to try the most absurd intros they could produce with each rider segment enjoying its own motif. From John J's "Into The Mind's Eye" inspired wipes, to the Spike Jones homage for "Being Cameron Pierce," to Stevie "The Bar" Bell's pumped up opener, Forum took each unique short the distance at the risk of creating an eclectic mess. The gamble paid off and each piece is cheeky and witty–and as a whole–hilarious.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 08

As of late, it seems that most often the merits of a snowboard movie come down to who stomped what and how death-defying the antics appear. When the credits roll, NBD's and FT's are tallied like box scores. While the level of riding in the Forum movies is always on point–Fuck It being no exception–their videos have a knack for tapping into the "it" factor and adding esteem to the ensemble. At the end of the day, these flicks are made to inspire and entertain and to instill that sometimes, you just need to say Fuck It.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 12

Proof that Niko Cioffi can write. Of course, he could just be leaving an X.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 19

Many people say Mammoth has produced some damn fine snowboarders, but per capita Eric and John Jackson's mother's womb is having a good run.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 32

Is that a microphone or did Keller upgrade his Prince Albert?

Fuck It Forum Premiere 29
Fuck It Forum Premiere 30

Looks like Austen Sweetin is pulling the popcorn trick on Nic Sauve. Or should we say that Nic is doing the pulling!

Fuck It Forum Premiere 34

Wait for it. Wait for it….

Fuck It Forum Premiere 35

Bam! Here is Johnny Lazzereschi, approximating the size of the blonde in the last photo's breasts.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 38

Former Forum team frontman (say that three times fast) Ricky Melnik is surprisingly agile.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 40

Ancient Red Bull bus shame ritual called Deweykake!

Fuck It Forum Premiere 43

We wonder if Cameron Pierce is related to his TM. Everyone always refers to the Forum TM as Dick Pierce.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 46

Beer belly? More like Peare belly.

Fuck It Forum Premiere 47

What is this ladies? Amateur hour? Is Newport an Island? What's with the Bridge and Tunnel crowd? Who's got some guacamole?

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