"Ben looks to 'Bilocq'd' in to this nose-blunt perfectly" - JP Quebe City, CAN P: Oli Gagnon

“Ben looks to ‘Bilocq’d’ in to this nose-blunt perfectly” – JP Quebe City, CAN P: Oli Gagnon

Unlike most French-Canadian shreds of late, Ben Bilocq is not taking the typical road of focusing on tech handrail jibbing. Instead, he is busting onto the scene with an opening section in Videograss that boasts some solid backcountry footy to back up his street-rail skills. I've only met Ben a few times, and he's a mellow cat who is easy to get along with who also plays a mean game of S-K-A-T-E. (If you are going to play him, make sure you have your ollie impossible and half-impossible on lock.) I'd say something now about Ben's dress and vampire-esque appearance, but according to Ben, that topic is so last year. I thought Ben would be a solid pick for Fresh and Tracked because he's a unique dude in a sea of monotony. I also personally wanted to see what his answers were so I could get to know him a little better myself. (I sleep during the night, so the chances of talking with Ben in person are limited...)
-JP Walker


Building Your Own Shit: Way more rewarding.

Respect: Karma.

The First Snow of the Season: That feeling every year never gets played out.

Having a Real Job in the Off-Season: Time goes way faster, and you get a reminder of what the real world is like.

Moving Out of Your Parents' House: That's when life truly begins.

Grabs: A good grab with a solid tweak feels better than doing any nine.

Good Music: It provides the fuel to do what you want to do.

Brothers Factory: Watch all of their movies (after Videograss).

Discovering New Music: Similar feeling to finding a new zone with fresh snow everywhere.

Freshly Tracked: Pretty much the same feeling as fresh, but not as many people running at it.


Walking Down a Hill: Always makes me wish I had a skate or a snowboard.

Vampires, Vampire Jokes, and Vampire Movies: So last year.

The Olympics in Vancouver: It already ruined Whistler, and they aren't even close to being over.

Always Worshipping Skateboarding: I believe skateboarding (and its industry) can be as shitty as snowboarding (and its industry). It only depends on where you look at it from.

Lies: Just think about it.

Taking Stupid Risks: If I ever have kids, I wanna be able to snowboard with them.

Alcoholism: YES, you DO have a problem.

Tailblocks: I don't know what to say about that...

Sponsored Riders Purposefully Trashing Their Gear: Yeah, I get it--you must get SO much shit for free. Now think about the kids who would love to have that board and hook them up.

Asking a Friend: "Do you think my stance is too wide?" WTF, you had the same stance for five years; if you think it's too wide, then change it. It should be about how you feel, not how you look.

Energy Drinks: Would've been in my "Fresh" column if they had chosen me.