Fresh and Tracked with Bjorn Leines

BJ's riding is still sick and it's definitely still super. Backside 180 on "the Loonatic"  P: E-Stone

BJ's riding is still sick and it's definitely still super. Backside 180 on "The Loonatic" P: E-Stone

I was surprised when I saw Bjorn Leines at Superpark 13. I didn't know he was in town, or even on-hill, until he was standing at the drop-in of the Loon jump. Regardless, BJ proceeded to put on a show of immense proportions (something he is very well known for after a decade of domination), capping off the mega-session with a Cab three measuring in at easily over a hundred feet, a trick I believe to be the hardest and most technical maneuver landed on that feature all week. Leines has been at the top of his game since his inaugural Superpark performance at Big White, BC (the first Superpark, ever), and is still unstoppable. To top off his week in Mammoth, Bjorn introduced a new generation to the Superpark venue in the form of his five-year-old son Bear, who came out to make some turns and watch his dad do what he does best. We look forward to seeing what Bjorn has up his sleeve from here on out, and even more so, to witnessing what kind of shit will go down when his little guy is all grown up like his father.
-Tom Monterosso


El Niño: Mother Nature acts up and dumps on us!

Mini Ramp Skate Sessions: All you need are a couple of buddies and about ten tricks to link it up.

Skype: Talking on the phone through your computer from the other side of the world, almost for free.

Zip-Tech: Zip your jacket to your pants and no more snow down your crack.

Farming: Tastes so good! A gratifying experience to plant it, weed it, and harvest it!

Vacation: Whether it's camping or going somewhere tropical, the worries of the world just fade away.

God: Step into the light!

Hunting: Revive your caveman instincts and go out and get some venison for dinner. Jerky makes for a great backcountry snack all season.

Manifest Destiny: Turning your thoughts into reality. Realize your dreams simply by believing they will happen. Tune in to the right frequency.


Flat Tires: On anything, especially on snowmobile trailers in a blizzard.

Airline Fees: Stop charging us for everything from food to bags!

The US Government: Are they really looking out for the peoples' "best interests" these days?

Food Poisoning: Losing all your bodily fluids sucks!

No Friends on a Powder Day: I disagree. It's all about good buddies and the shred.

Cold Hands: Join the Celtek Clan and enjoy!

Computers: Facebook, expense reports, checking weather, watching videos, e-mails, no time outside, iChat, less face-to-face conversations, sore eyes... It's a love/hate relationship.

Doing the Dishes: Nobody likes it. It never ends. Over it!

Ice: Growing up in Minnesota really makes you appreciate soft snow.

This content was originally published in the January 2010 issue.Jake Welsh


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