Fresh and Tracked with Heikki Sorsa

Fresh & Tracked Heikki Sorsa

This ain’t no double cork, but it sure is worth a double take. Sorsa stabs a colorful 50-50 to front three in Helsinki, Finland. P: Pasi Salminen

In the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, all eyes were on Americans Ross Powers, Danny Kass, and JJ Thomas, who went on to sweep the podium and helped bestow a much-needed sense of unity in a nation fresh off the worst terrorist attack in history. What the American snowboard scene doesn't really remember, though, is the young, eager, and mohawk-clad Heikki Sorsa representing Finland in the pipe. When Heikki dropped, the energy that accompanied his run overshadowed the fact that most people only knew him as a jumper. Sorsa solidified himself that day and went on to take an impressive seventh place, even besting Markku Koski and Trevor Andrew. Since said Games, Heikki has held his spot as one of snowboarding's best all-around riders, and he's not done yet. With a few major sponsor changes, he's back on the grind to prove that the OG Trulli Clan member has got much more in store for his fans.
-Tom Monterosso


Double Corks: I'm not doing them, but everybody else is, so they seem to be pretty hot.

Music: Good music is always good!

New Brands: I got two: Bond and Weekend.

Snowboarding in the winter and surfing in the summer: Why not?

Friends: Never forget them.

Style: Better than spin-to-win.

Traveling: You get to check out new places and see the world.

Movies: They are awesome.

Good Food: Good stuff.


Bad Weather: Who likes it? Whether I'm snowboarding or just hanging out, I don't like it!

Slopestyle Contests: Four jumps in a row… Very creative.

Tindys and Euro-grabs: Grab them like you're supposed to.

Traveling: I hate sitting on airplanes.

Bad Drivers: Not fun.

Haters: What's the point?

Public Transportation in the States: There is none. You have to drive everywhere.

Slams: Who likes them?

Halldor HelgasonThis content was originally published in the December 2009 issue.


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