Marco, showing that he still has the "strenf" to step to big shit with this SLC switch boardslide. Photo: E-Stone

Marco, showing that he still has the "strenf" to step to big shit with this SLC switch boardslide. Photo: E-Stone

Marc Frank Montoya has made quite a name for himself sliding down hills on a slab of P-Tex and plastic, but his most impressive accolade might be a three-letter acronym: MFM. Marco has turned this title into a veritable empire and set a standard for riders who hope that by making their name smaller, they will in turn make their image larger than life. Is it safe to say there would be no DCP, MFR, or LNP without MFM? Maybe. Regardless, his accomplishments in snowboarding set him apart from most riders without even considering his birth name-to-acronym switch-up. Video parts, Rider of the Year poll placings, covers, Guest Editor issues, interviews…and that doesn't include the fact that the dude's got his hand in more money making cookie jars than Shiva at a Nabisco factory tour. A bona fide hustler who calls it like he sees it, MFM was a perfect pick for this month's Fresh & Tracked. Read up and know that whether you love to hate him or hate to love him, Marco's always gonna speak his mind, and you gotta respect the dude for being as good at snowboarding as he is at being MFM.
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Havin' a Purpose in Life: Think about what people are gonna think about you if you died right now.

Self-improvement Books and Seminars:
People should put money into themselves to create success and happiness, rather than material things that don't bring any real happiness.

Being Open-minded: The minute you think you know it all is the minute you know nothing.

Being an Entrepreneur: If you're working for somebody else, building somebody else's dreams, then you're not building your own, and you'll never have the life you always dreamed of.

Not Bein' a Scared Little Bitch: Fear is the enemy of success. (Fear of rejection, fear of loss, etc.) If you're always scared to take risks, then you're going to be an utter failure, and you really should be scared of that!


The "Bad Economy": People love to blame the economy for their "bad luck," but this is actually the best time to get rich!

Smoking: It's funny to watch people actually pay money to other greedy people who kill thousands every year! The #1 reason for bankruptcy is doctor bills caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Drugs: You gotta be so weak with peer pressure to even try something so addicting.

Livin' the Dream: Partyin' your life and potential away, complaining about the world, but not doing much about it! Try having a real purpose!

"Stable Jobs": Going to school solely so you can get a "stable job." Hahaha! There is no "stability" in a job. Over three million people got laid off this year; is that "stability?"

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