Fresh and Tracked: Austin Smith

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When other kids his age were stumbling out of their high school graduation ceremonies, Austin Smith was traveling the world as a professional snowboarder. Being paid to ride a snowboard at the age of consent isn’t entirely uncommon; doing so outside of the contest circuit is, and Austin was in full-on film mode by that point. He figured out early how to navigate this industry on his terms. Fast forward ten years or so to present, and Austin is a decade deep in a career that’s had its share of ups and downs. The thing is, Austin always comes out alright. He has a way of weathering storms. But perhaps those storms have weathered him a bit too, because for someone who’s not yet out of his twenties, Austin Smith has a distinct brand of sarcasm. The guy’s been around. That’s why we hit him up to get his take on what’s good and what’s beat. What he fired back is more who than what—he always does it his way.
—­Taylor Boyd


Jake Kuyzk: Probably my new favorite snowboarder. He is like a fine wine improving with age.
Jared Elston: Young, dumb, and full of cum. An up and coming kid that wants to snowboard in the mountains more than the streets.
Stratton and Destry: A couple of Oregon rippers that have serious snowboard passion. Before work, after work, always climbing crazy mountains, hunting powder.
Jake Price: The guy goes to more concerts than Mick Jagger and still makes videos for personal pleasure, not just when he’s getting paid to do it.
Sean Pettit: Skiboarder of the year.
Wolle Nyvelt: Creating the Äsmo.
Pierre Wikberg: Hasn’t filmed much snowboarding in the past decade but continues to monitor and correct any mislabeled tricks in the media.
Alex and Gerry Lopez: For getting first chair every day at Mt. Bachelor. While I was living in the parking lot, I’d still be sleeping, and those two were already waiting at the lift doing yoga.

( Tracked )

Curtis Ciszek.
Cole Barash: When you went and partied in downtown San Diego after a two-week trip in Argentina, and your car got broken into, and all the hard drives and memories were lost forever.
Jed Anderson: Most talented kid out there, but why talk shit on snowboarding when you’re on a skate podcast?
JP Walker: Remember at the MDP Cheers premiere in 2011 when you wrapped duct tape around my neck?*
Willie Yli-Luoma: I was 17 and crashed Billy Anderson’s bachelor party. He nor you were happy I was there, and you choked me out.*
Jake Price: When the four-wheel-drive went out in my truck and Curtis and I spent the day in a ditch, and you left us rather than tow us out, saying we needed to learn a lesson.
Devun Walsh: For carving his name in a tree during the Rat Race awards. The Forest Service was not happy with us.

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