Originally ran in Oct. 2016 issue of SNOWBOARDER Mag.

There are few riders in the world whom someone can recognize as soon as they strap in and drop, and one of those few is Chris Bradshaw. The Bear Mountain native is largely regarded as snowboarding's style master, and for good reason. Bradshaw has been snowboarding for close to three decades, and he has drawn on his early influences at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, where the west coast's elite freestyle icons would roll through town and leave their mark on the young grom. The result is a style all his own, as Bradshaw tends to tweak and poke rather than huck and flip, and that is what has made his career so memorable and his longevity so inevitable. With nearly a dozen video parts under his belt, B-Shaw is back at it with a new board sponsor and a reinvigorated drive going into next winter, so we decided to hit him up and ask him what he thinks is fresh and tracked in today's modern age. Read on to hear what he had to say.
—­Tom Monterosso

They do say that only the shifty characters come out at night. Chris Bradshaw. Bear Mountain, CA. p: Huggy

The Holy Bowly: Best shit in snowboarding right now. When's the last time you went to a skatepark to hit a jump? We need more bowls and pockets in parks, it's all about tranny and goin' real fast. That's the feeling I'm searching for!
Being a dad: A second chance at being a kid again. Seeing them smile is everything to me. I wanna make sure they know what fun is!
Public Snowboards: A breath of fresh air. I'm sick of all the cool guy shit, just give the people what they want.
"The new breed": Kids are destroying shit these days. I get real hyped seein' the youth out there making style the key factor in their snowboarding. It's finally about how the trick is done and looks rather than rotation count. The kids are gonna be alright!
Single hand spey: I'm down for the two handers but there's somethin' about adding a haul into the cast that creates some insane loops and line speed. Single hand aka "Turbo Spey" is the truth!
Coffee: It's all I drink everyday all day. Start off the morning with a six-cup pot. First stop—Starbucks, venti white mocha, then another at lunch then another after dinner. I literally wake up and look at my watch in the middle of the night and count how many hours till I can wake up and make coffee. Full-blown junkie..
My sponsors: I work for some legit companies and have built some good friendships within them. After close to thirty years of shredding I can honestly say I'm happy where I'm at right now. I feel valued and important to the brands I'm involved with and that's huge in my book. Thanks for always putting up with my shit and paying me to ride this wooden stick down a hill to support my family and feed my addiction for the shred. Much appreciated!

Panhandling: I'm sick of seeing the same crackheads come up and ask for change. Half of 'em have a car parked at the gas station they beg from. It's funny cause I ask 'em to wash my windows or pump my gas and they look at you like you're crazy. Fuck outta here. Life ain't free.
Being late: I can't stand showing up last or being late. I gotta get there early. I got what people call social anxiety and what I call not wanting to deal with ignorant people, traffic, stoplights, lines at Starbucks, et cetera. If I don't leave the spot early enough to make the journey smooth I get a little bugged out and aggravated.
Egg-peggin and yarnballin: Quit callin' it a fly, it's not a fly. You wrapped some yarn on a hook and made some shitty cast to the spawners. That's not fishing, that's rape!
Family and friends on Facebook: It's always same ol' shit: "I tried hittin' you on Facebook," or "All your cousins said they try reaching you on Facebook but you don't respond back." For the 10th time, I ain't got no Facebook and if we were really family or friends, you'd know that there's a thing called a telephone and it's pretty easy to use. I got the same number since before all this social media, so what's their excuse?
Doctors prescriptions and false diagnoses: I could tell you I wanna kill somebody, or that I get overwhelmed and anxious throughout the day and all you wanna do is give me a pill to pop in hopes that it helps calm me down? Hahaha you a sucker B, we ain't crazy, you ain't bi-polar so quit acting depressed, sittin' around the house all sad, eatin' that emo candy. All you gotta do is roll with the punches and make life all about playtime. Fuck the white picket fence and the American dream. I'll be outside, playin' the day away.
1099 self-employment tax: You want 33% of my annual income? You set me up on a payment program and I pay you, but yet I can't file for the following tax period until the prior year payment plan is fully paid? Interest on that $20k turns into $30k real quick, huh?