Fresh & Tracked: Danyale Patterson (@jibgurl420)


Hate it or love it, the underdog is on top, and she is going to do whatever she wants until her heart stops.

As polarizing of a figure in snowboarding as any, we decided to give Danyale Patterson a Fresh and Tracked to see where she would go with it. The founder of Too Hard just recently celebrated her birthday, and by the looks of it, her Instagram follow count and snowboarding prowess are also growing with age. Dangy just came out of a big year with the release of Too Hard’s feature length movie, G.O.A.T, a hugely successful bail edit, and a social media blitzkreig of constant hip hop laced edits uploaded to her now infamous @jibgurl420 account. Check out what she has to say about the recent trends in snowboarding, becoming a vegan, and everything else she decided to write on!

Danyale Patterson


Being vegan

I was not raised vegan, I actually grew up on chicken nuggets. But I have always felt bad about eating meat mainly because of the horrors of slaughter houses and even though I wanted to be vegan I just never thought I could actually do it because it seemed like everything had animal products in it. But after I found out that meat is the leading cause of species extinctionocean dead zonesrainforest destructiongreen house gases, and fresh water consumption, I quickly manned up and went vegan. And to my surprise it's not hard. In fact I feel WAY better, physically and emotionally. you’d be surprised at how good you feel once you don’t have the guilt of eating animals. Also VEGANS LIVE 10% LONGER! I mean look at Darrah, She flew 20ft to a back taco, then dropped 10ft to her neck and was TOTALLY FINE! (Darrah’s been vegan since a young age).

Here are some other important facts I think people should know about this topic:

-The longest living civilizations consume mostly local fruits, vegetables, tofu, and seaweed.
-Meat products are a leading causes of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
-World health organization has processed meat (deli slices, sausage, bacon, etc) as a group one carcinogen. That’s in the same category as asbestos and tobacco smoke.
-They classified red meat as a group two carcinogen.
-Pharma sells 80% of their antibiotics to meat farms.
-Treating diseases caused by meat (cancer, diabetes, heart disease) is a 1.5 trillion dollar market. 
-Pharma and meat industry spend a lot of money to keep people eating meat.
-Factory farms are extremely cruel to animals. If you think you are getting your meat from a humane farm, you are probably not. I used to buy "free range" eggs, but if you actually look up those free range farms, they are actually just warehouses full of chickens. They are not free or happy like the pictures depict.


The best way to donate money to good and stop funding the greedy is to buy from ethical companies. Researching what to buy is time consuming but it'll give you karma points =).


I live in an apartment and don't have a yard, but I still compost on my porch with buckets and worms. Composting is freaking awesome. It's science. You literally have a little ecosystem in a bucket. And it works! It literally turns my garbage into nutrient rich soil! You can compost paper and most food scraps, it’s smelly and kinda gross but if you scared, go to church.


Danyale Patterson from a rail mission a few years back. p: Mark Clavin

Women’s snowboarding

It's the best. We have better bails and when we land tricks it’s just cooler than if a guy did it.

Canadian snowboarding

I really like Alt Timeline (Mark Goodall) and Footyfiend (Jordan Macdonald) especially. Canadians are so respectful of each other. I think that’s why they are so good and different, they are not just getting hated on all the time lol.



It's crazy how people are so obsessed with it. I know we need some to live comfortably but not that much. Money sucks. It divides people and makes them forget about what’s right. I will probably always be broke and I am cool with that.
I used to wish I was rich so I could travel to NZ every summer to train. I wished I had money for a filmer and a nice camera. I thought those things would make me a pro snowboarder. But Now I realize it’s not worth it. Boarding with your friends and just making fun little iPhone edits is better than stressing all the time for a small check.


After I watched planet earth and saw how beautiful this planet is, I vowed to never reproduce. 80% of the earths natural forests have been destroyed by humans.
There are 5,000 Komodo dragons, 20,000 polar bears, 35,000 elephants, 200,000 wolves and 7,500,000,000 humans.

I love children, I feel like I can relate to them more than adults, but it's my love for people that makes me not want to have children. If we have too many children, future generations will not be able to witness the natural beauties of the earth. Including snowboarding.

Danyale Patterson and members of the Too Hard crew filming this past summer. p: Mary Walsh


It is very real and can be seen even in snowboarding. In the U.S women earn 21% less than their male counterpart. Snowboard brands RARELY post about women. I know women are not as good as men at snowboarding, but that doesn’t matter. People love to watch women athletes. If you are lucky enough to have a vagina, please stand up for yourself! Otherwise you are an enabler.

Low diversity in snowboarding

Sexism, politics, clicks, and haters are responsible for the decrease in snowboard popularity. Snowboarding is getting boring. People use the same songs, dress the same, do the same tricks. To be different you need to be confident, but it’s hard to be confident when there is so much hate in snowboarding. Stop hating, be open-minded. Stop tying to fit in, have fun, be different.

When I first tried to get into peepshow I was told no because some girl I had never met disliked me. So I made Too Hard open to any girl that sent me street footage no matter her social status. Too Hard is not going to cool guy anyone. Someone recently asked me if i would put in skiers and I was like “heck yeah” the only reason I haven’t is because no skiers have sent me footage. The email is so don’t be shy.