Fresh & Tracked: Gigi Rüf

gigi ruf austria

Gigi makes use of that ol’ dome piece and finds inspiration in the woods of Austria. Photo: Christian Brecheis

You wouldn't have any idea how good at snowboarding Gigi Rüf is simply by meeting him in person. His stature is not necessarily a reflection of his riding ability, but of his personality. Gigi comes off as quiet, introspective, and a tad sheepish. However, pop in one of his video parts from the past few years and you'll see an alter ego that would make Jekyll and Hyde seem more like Donny and Marie. Gigi exudes power, from AK steeps to European streets. Blessed with an innate ability to find anomalous obstacles to huck himself off of, Gigi's riding is instinctive, elegant, and spectacular, to say the least. Last winter, Gigi traveled the globe, scoping, searching, and shredding in front of Justin Hostynek and the Absinthe Films cameras. His video part is one to anticipate every winter, as he crams style, creativity, and power into a three-minute segment that's sure to procure acclaim the world over. Rüf rules.
– T. Bird


A Plan: To poach the Olympic halfpipe competition.

Your Brain: Make use of it and find inspiration to do shit.

Collecting Something: Really, anything works here.

Time Traveling: Write stuff, like postcards or memoirs; at one point they will be a link to your past.

A Breath Of Fresh Air: Go take a hike, venture out to the boulders, or balance on a curb.

Promises: Meet someone without calling back to reassure them about your meeting.

Leading By Example: It's really you in charge.


Being Pissed Off: Try a different approach.

Riding The Same Old Boring Hill Or Park: Start to posse up for adventures and travels.

Talking About Your Routine: A 1080 is your warm-up trick? C'mon.

One-track Minds: Get a life; don't get hung up on computer games or social networking.

Overloading On Memories: You don't need to take a photo if you don't really mean to.

Going For Broke: Stick with what you imagine being capable of doing.

Being Too Cool To Help Out: Sharpen your senses, you dull fuck.

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