Iikka Backstrom first emerged into the North American snowboard scene in the early 2000's when his Scandinavian rail chops quickly made him a mainstay in films by Kingpin Productions. Still high school-aged at the time, the young Finn had boundless energy and an endless bag of tricks. Of course, Iikka's talents extended far beyond the streets and his proper-yet-casual style coupled with his innate abilities quickly propelled him into the backcountry where he has since honed his powder prowess. Flash forward nearly two decades and Iikka is one of the defacto backcountry kings, a longtime Whistler local who has put down parts in films by DC Snowboarding, The Wildcats, SNOWBOARDER, as well as in Get Outta Town, arguably one of the best webseries of all time--among other projects. As a veteran of the DC team, Iikka's iconic on-board abilities and dry, sarcasm are integral to snowboarding's foundation for a legion of up and comers--there are few pros who can say they have influenced individuals that they now call teammates. To put it succinctly, Iikka is a true legend with plenty of experience strapping in and sending. So, for this edition of Fresh & Tracked, we tapped the Finnish phenom to share his thoughts on what currently is fresh and what should be left by the wayside.
- Mary Walsh

Iikka and Afroman at Snowboard on the Block, circa 2016. p: Mikey Rencz


Iikka Backstrom staying fresh in the tracks at the Dirksen Derby. p: Blatt


Powder and natural terrain: #1 part of snowboarding. 

Halfpipes: Love riding those things. So good for board control. 

Coffee: Americano with a bit of coconut milk...I know you're not "supposed" to drink coffee with any milk or sugar, but I like it. 

Bitcoins: Are they or are they not.... I love contemplating about 'em.

Resort riding: Backcountry is backcountry, but I really enjoy some good resort riding from time-to-time. You don't have to think, just get on a chairlift and ride. 

Timeless style, Iikka Backstrom. p: Mark Clavin


Reverse camber: So glad people are chilling on 'em. Never was into 'em, seems so dumb to me. Then again, what do I know?

IPA: Tastes like shit and makes your stomach hurt.

Polar skateboard style on the hill: Track pants snowboarding just do not look good. 

Modern day war: Chill, people. 

Food experts: Everything in moderation. 

People denying global warming: Wake up, please.

Contest set ups: Can they please start building more interesting set ups.