Originally ran in Jan. ’17 issue of SNOWBOARDER.

Mammoth, California-based snowboarding anti-hero Scott Blum is a man of few words. Instead, he lets his riding do the talking for him and if his skill set on a snowboard could indeed speak, it would be profanity-laced, balls-to-the-wall rhetoric, yet it would come across eloquently. You see, Blum's riding is raw and his final product is polished, and this contrast in his approach is what has made him a favorite among his peers and fans alike. Last winter, Blum spent all of his time in front of the lens for our newest release, Resolution, and he appears on the silver screen alongside Danny Davis in a part that everyone is talking about. And seeing as the general public doesn't hear much from Scott, we decided to feature him in this Fresh & Tracked, where he highlights the things that he's stoked on and the topics that bum him out, so keep reading to hear Blum's succinct but sincere offerings and make sure to pick up a copy of Resolution to watch one of the best in the game do his thing with zero fucks given.
--­Tom Monterosso

Swimming: Swimming is good.
Chairlifts: Floating couches are nice.
Backyard Mini Dirtbike Tracks
Irrigation: Healthy plants, good dirt.
Quivers: All kinds of different rides
Red Vines: Many uses, always delicious.
Snowboarding's Snowboarders: United Shapes, DWD, Volcom, Drink Water, Public, Gnarly, Crab Grab, Bluebird. The best.

Traffic: Horrible. The worst when driving a stick shift.
Waiting for Harrison: It always works out but...damn.
Post Party Depression: It's real.
Stairs In The Snowboard Park: Why?