A fresh press in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo: Ashley Barker

A fresh press in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo: Ashley Barker

Don't call it a comeback. Jed Bradford Anderson has been here for years, and once again, he's in the spotlight as arguably the most talented rail rider on the planet. Once a Forum grommet and now a Salomon slayer, Anderson was a young man on a mission this winter, pounding out more shots than Señor Frog's in Cabo on Spring Break weekend. Don't pigeonhole this itinerant Canadian destroyer though. We must not forget that Anderson took home the title of Canadian Open halfpipe champion this year, proving that this Cheesedick is truly an all-around shred sensation, and we're claiming right now that you will see much more of young Jed in the coming years. Check out his offerings in Skeleton Crew and Videograss this fall and see for yourself.
–Tom Monterosso


Family and Friends: I love my family and friends. Thanks for being there for me.

Skateboarding: The best thing ever. So fun.

Cheese Dicks: My gang. www.cheesedickclick.blogspot.com.

Good Music: I couldn’t live with out it. It can turn any day into a good day.

Peter's Drive-in: If you're ever in Calgary, go get a milkshake.

Bustin' a Nut: Dawgy dawg,

Riff: He was my first dog. Freshest pup on the block! R.I.P.

Juggalos: All my clown homies! Poppin' faygo all day.


Being an Individual: Fuckin emos, wiggers. We should all look and act the same, you dummies.

Fake People: Mostly those types that act differently depending on who they are hanging out with. YOU SUCK.

Blue Cheese: That stuff is gross. Why would you eat this?

Airports: I love to travel, but airports are a drag after a while.

Racism: I can’t believe these people still exist. Hopefully they all die soon.

Wind: Wind sucks. Unless you're flying a kite or windsurfing.

Heroin Scars: Yup…

FIS: Skiers running snowboarding.

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