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This content was pulled from SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s September 2010 issue is on newsstands now. Go to your local snowboard shop, bookstore, or download a copy from Zinio.



“‘I've got good news and bad news, guys.’
I love that saying. A sliver of good news could be clouded by a mess of bad, but the ratio of good to bad is never known from the beginning. Our Play Big Productions crew was at a beginning-of-the-year meeting to discuss the direction our new video would take. The good news was that I had been splitboarding around the area and found a sick new zone that had a few solid possibilities for some good jumps. The bad news was that getting to this zone took a bit of hiking—two-and-a-half hours (at least) to get there, and another one to two to get home.

There was a mix of stoke and skepticism throughout the crew. It was our collective agreement that in filming for our new movie Another Day in Paradise, we would hit new jumps and ride new lines…..” -Gabe Taylor

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