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Dust On Crust Opening Spread

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Dust On Crust: Exploring the Lost Slopes of New England
By: Pat “The Eye” Bridges

The chalkboard posted on the side of the lift shack read "WELCOME TO SUICIDE SIX, 26" NEW SNOW LAST 24 HOURS, CHARITY TOBOGGAN RIDES, BUNNY'S BOULEVARD $20, SHOW OFF $30." Puzzled by this cryptic menu, I waved to the lifty while pointing at the sign. Annoyed to have his dullard gaze drawn away from the icy off-ramp and to have to vacate his cozy perch beside a kerosene space-heater, he cracked open the door and in a thick Yankee drawl barked, "Rides in the ski patrol toboggan. Bahnnee's Bullahvahrd is twenty bucks, and Show Off's thirty." I have a serious phobia of ski-patrol sleds, so the concept of people paying to ride in 'em, whether for charity or not, blows my mind. As I contemplate interrupting the lifty a second time to inquire about how many people take them up on the offer, a local skier in his early seventies with Carrera goggles, Demetre stretch pants, and a red-and-blue CB parka skates past. "Total rip-off. Don't do it!"

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Photographer and Burton TM Adam Moran leads us through a behind the scenes look of the trip through abandoned resorts in New England.

Straight action from the trip with Zak Hale, Mark Sollors, Austen Sweetin, and Niko Cioffi.