From The Mag: Nike’s Greasin The Wheels Video

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Greasin’ The Wheels
By: Liam Gallagher

“‘How long after seeing a cop are you supposed to wait to fire one up? What's the rule?’ asks Danny Kass.
‘Ten seconds,’ says Laura Hadar, without missing a beat.
Eric Jackson nods in agreement and keeps strumming his guitar. In the seat behind him, Johnnie Paxson stares out the window, while Justin Bennee keeps the rhythm with his beat machine. Austin Smith taps his foot and Annie Boulanger looks on with Gigi Rüf. He's grinning, as always.
We're somewhere north of Reno, Nevada, ripping along a wet road. It's gray and getting dark, and now there's smoke puffing from our RV. But the cop is long gone, and we've really got nothing to worry about, because the vapors billowing from the RV are black and smell more like French fries than your Dad's (or Danny's) jacket.
We're getting hungrier and hungrier by the mile. It's almost dinner time, so everyone is hounding Nike team manager Bobby Meeks.
‘Forget the RV, Bobby, feed me!’ demands Danny.
‘Bobby…sushi!’ whines Austin Smith.
Austin's spoiled. Hell, the whole team is. It's Nike, after all, and these team trips have always been extravagant. A couple of years back, when Nike first put their team together, there was the trip to Russia. They all flew first class and had plans to do one of the sub-orbital, almost-in-space flights, if it wasn't for some foul weather. Oh, and then for souvenirs they had little Russian dolls handmade in their likenesses. No expense was spared. And then there was the trip to Argentina.
‘That was a good trip,’ says E-Jack.
‘They're all good trips,’ adds Danny.” – Liam Gallagher

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