Sick Days Spread

Despite the minimal coverage (wink wink...) in certain places at Mt. High, Kyle Lopiccolo and crew still found a few ways to get tits-deep. Can a jibba get a tabletop dance? Say what! Say what!

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All Photos: Huggy

Thanks to Mountain High and SNOWBOARDER, we were able to do a shoot with banger features like no other shoot I've ever done. It's not often you get to jump over a bunch of snow bunnies in bikinis—I love my job! The first day I got to Mountain High, they built a pole jam to redirect wall. It took a while to get the pole jam just right so we could hit the wall and come back without splattering, but as soon as it was lined up right, it was on… But by the time we started smashing it, though, the fog rolled in heavy. You had to wait for li'l fog breaks and then dip for the feature, but there weren't too many of them, so you could just say it was a hazy time. You must be doing something right if you can ride blind! We had a good session on the wall, but it was getting late, so we called it quits. -Travis Kennedy


This wasn't the biggest gap these riders have hit, but it was one of the more sketchy ones. The landing was incredibly short and flat. Kyle Guinea pigged this gap once, then it was on. This was the first jump over the girls. Rider: Kyle Lopiccolo

cory cronk

Probably not the only pole erected that day. Rider: Cory Cronk


Travis Kennedy aka Scrilla The Kid, with a backside 180 over titty city. Stacking footy for FODT, "The Arena" son.


Taking it to the "treevage gap". Rider: Dylan Thompson


The caption that comes to mind for this photo would probably make our site blocked from your company computer, so we will leave it to your imagination. Travis Kennedy stopping short and slashing snow all over the ladies.


No that's not "titty city" in the background, but that is Lopiccolo scoring in the foreground. We still don't know why Kyle didn't want for the girls to show up if he wanted to get some. Rider: Kyle Lopiccolo


In between takes the girls had to put on jackets, it was actually a lot colder that day than it looks. There was a short window of shooting time before the ladies turned blue.


Lucky Pierre. Scrilla The Kid on the tree transfer. Rider: Travis Kennedy


Look at the size of that front 3! Rider: Kyle Lopiccolo


Dylan Thompson with a nose press on an old truck bed, and gap over barbed wire fence. See the vid clip in FODT, "The Arena". Rider: Dylan Thompson


The Mt. High park staff was so helpful.


Transfering trees can be sketchy business, Dylan seem to have it on lock though. Rider: Dylan Thompson