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Opening Spread in the December 2010 issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Photo: Aaron Dodds

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Smiley Creek Sojourn
By: Eddie Wall

It was about noon when I got a phone call from Cory Smith at Smith Optics, asking if I wanted to come to Idaho to ride some powder. He also mentioned something about having a snowcat out in the backcountry to build us jumps. He didn't go into too much detail, but said it would be worth the trip.

Of course, I packed my bags, loaded my sled, and started the 700-mile drive to Smiley Creek, Idaho. I tried to find a bobblehead for my dashboard at every truck stop on the way, but couldn't find a single one, which was depressing. I took a shortcut through some very desolate towns, one of which was only functioning because of their giant onion fields, which I thought was kind of odd. My otherwise uneventful drive ended in Ketchum, Idaho at 8pm.

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