John Jackson, Whistler, BC Backcountry Photo: Ian Ruhter

John Jackson, Whistler, BC Backcountry Photo: Ian Ruhter


SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s August 2010 issue is on newsstands now. Go to your local snowboard shop, bookstore, or download a copy today from Zinio.


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SNOWBOARDER is available in a digital format. If you can't find a physical copy, you can still see it all online.

Trevor Jacob not only scored a cover on SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s August 2010 issue, but he was featured in the “Earn Your Turns. Drop Out then Drop In” article. To say the least… his season is off to a good start. The other week we threw a party at the Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell in Huntington Beach to celebrate the release of the first issue. Check out a tease below from article we did with the Nike 6.0 team, as well as a video that Nike put together before the issue release party.

Drop Out Spread

Opening spread from the "Earn your Turns. Drop Out the Drop In" article

“From Trevor Jacob's vantage point, the line he looks down upon seems unending. Features of varying shapes and sizes twist off into the distance. Sweat beads on Jacob's brow. He checks to make sure his gloves are tight. He must stay focused—there's no room for error. Just as Trevor was contemplating backing out, he hears a stern voice: "Jacob, you ready?" After a tepid nod, Trevor inches forward, grabs the nearest spatula, and starts taking orders from the hungry masses. Like hundreds of thousands of riders across the country, Trevor Jacob heads to the hill each day looking for a thrill. What makes this day different is that for the first time in his seventeen years on earth, the rush he now experiences is the lunch rush.”– Pat Bridges

Read the whole article in the August 2010 issue of Snowboarder Magazine