Chris Grenier is a snowboarder’s snowboarder. He’s brash, witty, and wicked talented on his board, making him the kind of guy you want around whether you’re logging long hours filming, taking hot laps in the park, or celebrating a good day with a few icy colds. He grew up in the smaller mountains of the East Coast and then moved out to Utah where his notoriety has since exploded along with his abilities, yet he remains humble and incredibly loyal to his roots. Plus, he’s really good at skateboarding. Because Chris is one of the leading riders affecting the current state of street snowboarding and seeing that the New England Patriots pulled off such a ridiculous win last weekend, we thought it fitting that Grendys kicks off a new web column entitled, Front 3, in which some of the best riders will share their opinions in top 3 format on the subjects you need to know about. With that, take it away, Chris.

3 all time favorite snowboard video parts
– Mikey Leblanc – Brainstorm
– Shane flood – Iron Curtain 2 or Jed – In Full
– JP Walker- Technical Difficulties

3 greatest Boston athletes
– Bobby Orr
– Vince Wilfork
– Cam Neely

3 reasons the SFK house was great
– Tim Ronan had the most incredible scooter crash I’ve ever seen (jump ramp to whisky throttle directly into a concrete wall).
– We drove the golf cart wherever the hell we wanted including the roof of Domans mini van.
– It was the young, dumb, and just don’t give a fuck phase of my life.

3 best flavors of Monster
– Rehab (iced tea and lemonade).
– The regular green can.
– Low carb blue can isn’t bad either.

3 words that sound best when said with a Boston accent
– Fuck (fahhk).
– Hard (haaahhhd).
– Wicked.


p: E-Stone

3 best ski areas in Massachusetts
– Ward Hill.
– Wachusett.
– Blue Hills.

3 moments from snowboarding when you were a kid
– Freaking out watching Shane Flood snowboard in person for the first time.
– Learning 360s on the local golf course jump.
– Meeting Stevens, Ross, Granger, Beresford and all the boys and trying to make it happen.

3 sketchiest rail spots you've hit
– Close-out in Ogden that I hit Get Real.
– Ledge drop to rail in Sugarhouse, SLC that was in The Boned Age.
– Close-out to rail I hit this past winter in Pull Fart.

3 scariest things you've done while driving a motorized vehicle of any sort
– In high school I was doing a burnout and a got out of control and ran over a fire hydrant and shot it out of the ground.
– Just about every moment that I have spent in the golf cart has been extremely sketchy.
– Had a ton of really savage crashes on my dirt bike.

p: E-Stone

3 best trips with the Salomon team
– The catalog shoot where we went to Barcelona then to Hintertux.
– Newfoundland.
– First Stockholm rail trip.

3 places you want to snowboard, but haven't yet
– Dubai.
– Interior BC.
– Yagoo Valley.

3 people to shoot handrails with
– All the original East Coast boys.
– Lou and Frank.
– Sexton and Darrell.

3 things to bring on a desert camping trip
– Motorized vehicles.
– Gas.
– Austen Granger and a BBQ.

3 most unbelievable things you’ve seen Bode Merrill do on a snowboard
– Back rodeo frontboard 270 out.
– The original “Peer Pressure Bode” double backflip probably six years ago.
– One day in the Uintas he did switch back seven, switch back ten double, cab nine nose, front seven melon, front nine melon, and back nine tail all off of two jumps.