Joe Sexton is proper. Watching his video parts, it’s apparent every time this Minnesotan-bred boarder drops in, determined and with dead-on precision. It wasn’t until I first saw Joe ride in person, though, that I gained even more appreciation for the ease with which he snowboards. It was at Mammoth, in an unusual contest setting at the Game of S.N.O.W. a few years back, in which Joe rode head-to-head against riders like Will Lavigne and Dylan Thompson. The nature of the competition, rider verses rider and trick for trick, allowed each individual to utilize the skills they’re most comfortable with in order to attempt to eliminate their opponents, which culminated in a cacophony of different styles and trick iterations. With Sexton, no matter if he was calling the tricks, or following them, his exactness in execution was jaw-dropping, typifying the hallmark of a rail maestro with his ability to handle anything thrown at him with his signature finesse. Because Joe surely knows what’s what when it comes to street riding and since 1817 just launched a new collection, we thought it fitting to get Sexton’s opinions on a variety of other important topics, like Jake OE, emoticons, and how to bleach dark hair. So listen up, because whether on or off his snowboard, Sexton is well-worth paying attention to.

– Mary Walsh

3 things someone should do if they visit Minneapolis:
– Fish.
– Go to Cal Surf.
– GO to Hyland.

3 Jake OE stories:
– When we were hitting a spot in Helsinki, he was pretty nervous to try his trick, so he asked me if I had any beer. I told him I had four beers, and he looked at me the most serious I had ever seen him and said, “Can i have all of them?” Haha. He needed a little landing fluid.
– When he gambled all through the night at Riley’s bachelor party. Everyone thought he got lost and just couldn’t find him, only to have him show up at 7am with a coffee saying that he broke even.
– Too many to name, and most of which are not appropriate to print. Every day you get a amazing story with Jake; he is one-of-a-kind!

3 places to take park laps:
– Bear Mtn.
– Hyland.
– Trollhaugen.

3 favorite spots to go fishing:
– Lake X.
– Lake A.
– Lake R.


p: Mike Yoshida

3 stories about living in the actual House of 1817:
– When Riley let me and Hodge move in, the only spot for us to live was this little loft thing, so he charged us $50 a month. So, after a little bit of living there, we made our spot all cozy and had all these little amenities. He got a little jealous of how nice we made it, so he raised rent to $100 a month. Haha.
– One time we had a bat living with us for a month.
– Way too many to tell from there. That place helped shape who we all are today; it was such a fun time in my life. i was recovering from a knee injury at the time, Riley was making Bad Ideas, Hodge was snowboarding, we had so many friends come and stay at the place.  It really was amazing. 1817 for life.

3 favorite emoticons to use on Instagram:
– The face with the eyes closed and the tounge out going, “Aaahhhhh!”
– The praying hands which could either mean you are grateful or could mean you are saying, “Please.”
– Heart eyes.

3 sketchiest spots you’ve hit:
– Big kink from Child Support where I got slung up and over a busy highway and then right into the rail.
– Frontboard on the Delta Center kink in Down with People. It was basically a summer session. There was no snow around, and it’s in the middle of the stairs.
– Triple kink in Good Look. It’s my last trick. I remember being so scared that the rail was going to break at the flats because the rail was so steep.

3 tips for bleaching dark hair:
– Do it five times because you messed up every time.
– Leave it in for way too long.
– Don’t get bleach poisoning like Jake OE. Haha.

3 favorite shots from your State of Mind video part:
– Switch hardway 180 5-0.
– Back 50 back 360.
– Back 5-0 back 180.

3 favorite JP Walker words:
– Uhhh, son.
– Peep game.
– Fuckin’ hell.

3 songs to listen to while riding:
– Songs Ohia: “Farewell Transmission”.
– Lynyrd skynyrd: “Tuesday’s Gone”.
– Chief Keef.

3 people that influence your riding:
– Justin Hebbel.
– Bill Dance.
– Jon Kooley.


3 tips for bleaching dark hair:
– Do it five times because you messed up every time.
– Leave it in for way too long.
– Don’t get bleach poisoning like Jake OE. Haha.

3 ways to stay spooky:
– Like spooky stuff.
– Buy 1817 stuff.
– Stay spooky.

3 favorite bands or musicians from Minneapolis besides Prince:
– Kenwood Mansion.
– Savannah Smith.
– Trampled by Turtles (Duluth).

3 things to do on long road trips:
– Fight with Fronius.
– Watch movies.
– Tell stories.

3 things to do that take 3 minutes or less:
– Make Keurig coffee.
– Brush teeth.
– Post an instagram. @joesexton1817 :)

Now watch videos of Joe Sexton here.