In the early 2000s, Iikka Backstrom rapidly gained the respect of the snowboarding community with his energetic riding and consistent style. Numerous video parts and lots of handrails checked off, he spent more and more time in the backcountry and now ranks within snowboarding’s best on big mountains. Iikka’s prowess on powder was honed in the mountains of British Columbia, where he has logged lots of hours applying a style that was bred on the icy runs and rails of Finland. The end result is that Iikka’s riding is powerful, smooth, and unique; he brings a skate-like style into the backcountry and whether he’s sending big spins off cheese wedges, navigating steeps, or hitting pillow-to-pillow transfers, whatever Iikka hits looks really sick. Enjoy his full part from Get Outta Town.

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