words: Erik Hoffman
photos: Erik Hoffman, Tyler Orton, and Gill Montgomery

As the parabola of summer reaches its vertex, the Nike Snowboarding Team, the likes of Halldor Helgason, Ethan Morgan, Gigi Ruf, Louie Vito, Denis Leontyev, Johnnie Paxson, and Toby Miller visited Windells Session 4 with loads of stoke and even more Nike product for their very own takeover session. Over a five day span, the team spread the wealth among campers with activities such as dodgeball and ping pong. Louie's Olympic spirit was on display as he managed to become immersed in intense rallies with a couple of Windells international campers. Eventually, he was defeated and the lucky camper left with a pair of next year’s Nike boots as well as some serious bragging rights. Louie may have been able to dance with the stars but he wasn't able to shake the campers in ping pong.

For the fourth consecutive session, the diggers schemed up a completely different park with even more transition and room for creativity that lent its hand to any style of rider. Head Coach, Nick Visconti and coach Tucker Speer utilized skate background and engaged their edges in powerful and creative lines all around the park, as Jesse Paul carved out his own tranny, weaving over, on, and in-between rails with grace similar to his sponsorship status…flow. But I digress, as summer moves into its ladder weeks make sure to be on the look out for the session edits from the likes of button wizards Ian Macy, Sam Trefaller, and Brian Nero as they whip all the fun into a three minute video for your summer snowboarding fix.