Once again the East Coast will never be the same again after this one legendary weekend…again. From Lib Tech’s Near Canada Open at Sunday River to Eastern Boarder’s Last Call at Loon with a little Wattah-ville (Waterville) in there for good measure, this edit, from the Lick the Cat mastermind Medium Jerm, has it all. Featuring Lib Tech’s Mark “Back in the Park” Landvik, Dave “Slowest Time Get’s the Doubt Fit” Marx, Brandon “Big Hip Player” Reis, Ted “I’d Puke If I Could Eat” Borland, Tucker “A Monks Tit” Andrews and Erik “I Have a Question” Karlsson. Along with Gnu’s Max “Drake Is My Co-pilot” Warbington and Gus “White Heat” Warbington and a couple other random warriors fighting the good fight on the record setting frozen battlefield of the Eastern Seaboard’s endless winter. Here’s ya fuckin’ weekend guy! Again.