Goods: Puffy Jacket Pillow Fight – Bonus Video & Photos


Photos: Chad Riley

In the January issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine we featured a select few Puffy Jackets as part of our “Goods” feature, but we wanted to display these down jackets in a little more appealing way. Here are some bonus photos as well as a behind-the-scenes from the shoot. Enjoy.

“Snowboarding is a cold endeavor. From the icy East Coast to the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, cold fronts don't discriminate, and no matter where you live, it's never a bad idea to have a good down jacket in your closet quiver of coats. Down technology is feathers (or synthetic material that mirrors the real thing) packed tightly into a jacket in order to trap heat and hold it close to the body. Real "down" is the warmest, though if gotten wet, is harder to dry out while synthetic down isn't quite as warm but will withstand soppy days on the slopes a bit better. Aside from the feather fundamentals of puffy coats, there are myriad details that one might consider. Fit, colorway, zippers, powder skirts, cuffs, and the like are all things that are tailored to your individual needs, so for this month's The Goods, we decided to display these down jackets in a more "appealing" way in order to allow you to spend less time worrying about the technology that's in these coats in order to spend more time wondering about the babes that are in these coats.” –Tom Monterosso

Want purchase any of these puffy jackets for yourself? Or now maybe even your girlfriend? Here are some links to direct you to the right place to do so:
Bonfire Sitka Down Jacket
Burton Deerfield Puffy Jacket
Holden Puffy Down Jacket
Volcom Lost Puff Jacket
O'Neill Freedom Transfer Jacket
Oakley Planitary Jacket
686 Duel Jacket
Nike CL Down Jacket
Billabong Kailash Jacket
Quiksilver Salad 8k Print Jacket
ThirtyTwo Stover Jacket