Words and Photos: T. Bird

Well, after what seemed like days of anticipation (it was really about 24 hours), the final spot on the US Olympic Halfpipe Team for both the men's and the women's side has been announced.

Here's a little backstory.
For the women, it was pretty evident on the score sheet that the last spot would go to Elena Hight. She had Ellery Hollingsworth by about fifty points, so there was no surprise there. It looked like after Saturday night's Grand Prix final in Park City that the US Olympic women's team would be absolutely identical to the roster that rode in Torino four years prior.

As for the men, it got a bit tricky though. After Saturday night's results, Luke Mitrani's 3rd place finish, Greg Bretz's 4th place finish and JJ Thomas's 5th place finish left these dudes in a heated three-way tie. Basically, it was left up to the coaches to review their respective results and choose who they thought would best represent the USA in Vancouver. And as of a few minutes ago, the results were officially released. And the winners are…

Elena Hight (duh)
Elena Hight

Greg Bretz
Greg Bretz

And there you have it. The final two athletes are Elena and Bretz. The best of luck to both of them as they join the heaviest US Olympic Team of all-time. The full roster is below.

2010 US Olympic Women's Halfpipe Snowboard Team:
Kelly Clark
Gretchen Bleiler
Hannah Teter
Elena Hight

2010 US Olympic Men's Halfpipe Snowboard Team:
Shaun White
Louie Vito
Scotty Lago
Greg Bretz