words: Pat Bridges
photos: Peter Morning

While no longer held on 4/20, the Grenade Games are still one of snowboarding’s last bastions of non-PC, down and dirty debauchery. Danny Kass still presides over the shenanigans with the Dingo as his co-pilot, while staple disciplines like the Chinese-Eyed Downhill share space on the schedule with spine contests and various other made up challenges. Perhaps the best part of the Grenade Games is how unpretentious the happenings are. Olympic hopefuls strap in alongside Gremlinz and everyone is willing to share the session and whatever else they might be imbibing. So after ten years this gathering that could almost be described as a high school reunion for a bunch of riders who don’t have GED’s, hasn’t graduated to become a watered-down approximation of what it once was.