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How often do you get confused with famed ski racer Bode Miller when you tell people what you do for a living?

Bode Answer1Why do some people think you are from the East Coast?

Bode Answer2

To clear things up, where are you really from?

Bode Answer3

Did you know that you got the ender in last year’s Absinthe film before you saw the movie?

Bode Answer4Should slopestyle be in the Olympics?

Bode Answer5

Do you ride reverse camber? Why or why not?

Bode Answer6

Name 3 riders that quit snowboarding too early….

Bode Answer7

One-footers… cool or kooky?

Bode Answer8

Did you know that one of your Absinthe filmers (Shane Charlebois) was an extra in “Beverly Hills 90210”?

Bode Answer9

How big of a slut is Miley Cyrus?

Bode Answer10

Does Lindsey Lohan deserve to go to jail?

Bode Answer11

Who would win in a fight: Annie Boulanger or Jed Anderson?

Bode Answer12

Who would win in a rumble: SFK or The Cheesedicks?

Bode Answer13

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