Guestbook: Kevin Keller


What clothing company later became Special Blend and what sport was that company based around?KK-1Which three riders were in the photos which were the original Forum board graphics?


Is Andreas Wiig on Forum?KK-3

Who was the original partner of Peter Line in Foursquare?

Which snowboard film maker was at one time a part owner of Forum?

What is the difference between Burton and Forum?


In addition to being the abbreviation of your home state of Pennsylvania, what does PA stand for? KK-6

Prince Albert is the Third largest city of what Canadian province? KK-7

Who is the only girl to have been Pro for Special Blend?KK-8Where do the names for the Foursquare outerwear come from?KK-answer--

If you could steel one rider from another board company who would it be?KK-10

So will your answer to the Andreas question change after December 1st?KK-11

Have you ever exposed yourself during a company function?KK-12

What color were the 4 star checks that would bounce and what color were the ones that wouldn’t?

Kevin Keller sponsors riders for: Forum, Special Blend, Foursquare and Anon.