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Our power just went out… are you scared of the dark?
Kimmy Fasani 1

What makes you push yourself more, riding with all guys or all girls?
Kimmy Fasani 2

What did you do more of last season, contests or filming?
Kimmy Fasani 3

Have you ever tried to get your boyfriend on a snowboard?
Kimmy Fasani 4

Who is better at soccer you or Leanne?
Kimmy Fasani 5

What is the DC Ride Along tour?
Kimmy Fasani 6

What is your most memorable experience from the Mtn. Lab?
Kimmy Fasani 7

What was it like to film for Standard this year and how was it different from Stance?
Kimmy Fasani 8

Did Chyna come out when you were around this season?
Kimmy Fasani 9

What is it like having a boyfriend who has two poles?
Kimmy Fasani 10

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