Guestbook: Lance Hakker

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So why do they call you “Big Mountain Mike?

Lance Answer1

When are you guys going to have the operation to separate yourselves from being conjoined twins?

Lance Answer2

Why did Kobe deny it?

Lance Answer3

What’s with the last name? Was your great great great grandfather a serial killer or something?

Lance Answer4

Wassup with Basswassup?

Lance Answer5

Where did you get the name Ashbury?

Lance Answer6

Who is a better skater, Jed Anderson or Scott Stevens?

Lance Answer7

What is the secret to keeping goggles from fogging?

Lance Hakker Answer8

How do celebs keep getting Ashburys?

Lance Answer9

Who has better backies, you or Jared Johnson?

Lance Answer10

When you were K2’s TM is there anyone that you didn’t sponsor that you should have?

Lance Answer11

What the hell is polarizing?

Lance Answer12

Who has the best nickname on the Ashbury snow team?

Lance Answer13

Is there still beef between Comune and Krew snow?

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