How did you get into shooting photos?


What is the most over-rated F stop and why?


Did you know that the Vice President of Finance at “Hot Topic” is also named Mike Yoshida?


Why are photographers so territorial over Nikon or Canon ?


Do you shoot Nikon or Canon? yoshida-answer5

Is Cuba still a threat to the U.S. or should we worry more about N. Korea?

yoshida-answer6Did you hear that Michael Jackson died?

yoshida-answer7What would our Photo Annual be called if we did it twice a year?

yoshida-answer8What photographers did you shoot with this winter?

yoshida-answer9Name one pro snowboarder you’re better than?

yoshida-answer10Mike Yoshida’s bills are paid by: K2, Vans, Dang Shades, his Mom and Dad and his renters.