Guestbook: Trevor Jacob

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What is the deal with GKC?

Trevor Jacob 1

Tell us about the baseless binding company your dad started…

Trevor Jacob 2

Can you list everything you have done a backflip on?

Trevor Jacob 3

Which was cooler: Being the youngest guy to make the US Open halfpipe finals or being the youngest person to have the cover of SNOWBOARDER?

Trevor Jacob 4

Have you ridden the 6.0 snowboard boots yet?

Trevor Jacob 5

Who is the best rider you can think of with two first names?

Trevor Jacobs 6

Why did you pussy out and not jump the moving train in Donner Pass?

Trevor Jacobs 7

List the snowboard legends you have had your photo taken with…

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Why is “Creatures of Habit” your favorite video?

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How many chairlifts have you bombdropped off of?

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Trevor Jacob is sponsored by: Nike 6.0, Oakley, and Mammoth Mountain.