Halldór Helgason, Crested Butte, Colorado. Photo: Nate Christenson

Halldór Helgason, Crested Butte, Colorado. Photo: Nate Christenson



Following in the footsteps of elder brother Eiki, Halldór Helgason's breakthrough season is a kick-start to what will soon be a long career in this game. The jibbing and jumping juggernaut crossed the Atlantic to lay claim to one of the heaviest parts of the year in Standard's Black Winter, and his efforts not only earned him Rookie of the Year status, but also our Jibber of the Year honors as well.

Corky, on and off the hill.” – Mark Landvik

Forum über-pro Eddie Wall is no stranger to the Cinderella-story season that Halldór had, and he applauded Helgason's inaugural year. "He's the definition of a rookie. He came out of nowhere and put us all to shame, slaying every rail in sight and shutting up all the haters by doublecorking some massive tabletops." Halldór's fluidity, drive, and trick selection earned him this honor, but it was the final product he put out with Standard that earned high praise from our number-one Rider of the Year John Jackson, who described Helgason's riding as "Effortless and precise." We'd like to be the first to introduce you to Halldór Helgason. Welcome to the big leagues, little guy.

[video_player video=”http://ondemand.snowboardermag.com/video/flv/snowboarder-100125-SF09-Halldor_fullPart_snowboarder.flv” /]

Halldór Helgason’s full part from Standard Films’ Black Winter. You can now purchase Black Winter on iTunes Canada. All you greasy Canadians get on this!


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Editor’s Note: Halldór Helgason was also voted 2010 JIBBER OF THE YEAR