High Cascade 2013 – Session 5 photos and recap


words and captions by Tanner McCarty
photos by Greg Furey and Cole Martin

There is nothing like a bunch of Frends hanging out, snowboarding, skateboarding, playing music and eating ice cream and that's exactly what happened last session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. That's right, the Frends session consisted of Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Luke and Jack Mitrani, and Mason Aguirre along with Madison Blackley were the guests of honor for session 5 and they and they took full advantage of the HCSC facilities. High Cascade also hosted its annual Spin Cycle which is the contest that truly personifies "spin to win" as a slew of pro's, ams, coaches, diggers, kitchen staff and even campers spun 180's to 1080's all four ways with only three chances to fall. Sage Kotensburg took the win walking away with a fat check of $10.80 and the prestigious Spin Cycle Champion title. To make sure none of these amazing moments went un-documented, the High Cascade Photo and Video workshop had shutter bugs on the deck of every jump and the lip of every rail all week learning superlative techniques from leading photographers such as Andy Wright, Tim Zimmerman, Chris Wellhausen, and Christy Chaloux. With one more session to go, you can be sure camp is going out with a bang.