Every session at High Cascade is epic in its own right. There’s always good times going down in Government Camp when summer snowboard camp is in session. While it’s impossible to choose a favorite week, Session 3, when the Drink Water Rat Race goes down on the slushy snow of the volcano is one of the best times at Mount Hood as dozens and dozens of the best snowboarders in the world descend on Oregon to try their luck on the consequential turns of Austin Smith and Bryan Fox’s bermed brainchild. Austin and Bryan are joined by Spencer O’Brien, Leanne Pelosi, Tim Eddy and Curtis Ciszek as the Signature Sessioners for the week and not only do they all represent at the Rat Race, they rip the rest of the session in the HCSC park, the skate bowls, and the dodgeball court. It’s a wild week at summer camp and as High Cascade says, “llegado paseo con nosotros.”

It’s never too early to plan how you’re going to snowboard in June. Check out the High Cascade 2016 dates and prices.


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