High Cascade comes through with the hard-hitting news we want, direct from the sunny slopes of the Timberline snowfield. For the last few years, The Bode Merrill Minipipe Invitational has been one of the best days of the summer (of course meaning that the session the event falls during is also one of the best of the summer–that’s the transitive theory). Last July, with diminishing snowfall, the resourceful HCSC Dig crew and Bode teamed up to create the Bode Merrill Medium Quarterpipe Invitational, or MMQPI for a slightly shorter name. QP events are few and far between nowadays and this re-imagining of the MMPI stoked out all the assembled riders, a mix of up and comers, filming aficionados, and veritable legends including Ben Ferguson (who would go on the win the contest), Ben Bilocq, Chris Beresford, Chris Grenier, Shane Flood, Brandon Cocard (lover of jelly beans), Louif Paradis, Scott Blum, Parker Duke, Jess Kimura, Nils Mindnich, Erik Leon, and a bunch more of the guys that collectively add definition to the term, “style.”

When you’re selecting your High Cascade session for summer 2016, why not join Bode, Grendies, Beresford, Desiree Melancon, Jesse Burtner and Scott Stevens for Session 5, huh? You won’t regret it.