If you’re like us, no matter how much snow is in your front yard or your home resort, you start to worry about June weather as soon as a January thaw rears its spring-like head. Fret not, you can take your February turns stress free because high atop Mount Hood in the forests of Oregon lies a winter oasis that’s perfect deep in the middle of every summer season. High Cascade Snowboard Camp is already preparing for two and a half months of summer snowboarding (and off hill skateboarding, Cobra Dogs, dodgeball, sponsor nights, and so much more). The only hard part about summer shred? Picking which Signature Session you want to attend. Luckily, HCSC is here to help. Presenting Come Ride with Us, a webseries that provides ample reasons to ride with the crews of Signature Session™ pros, week by week. To start things off, here are the East Coasters who will be hosting Session 1: Pat Moore, Mike Ravelson, Mary Rand, and Johnny O’Connor. Enjoy and check out the 2015 dates and prices.

From High Cascade:

Can you think of a better way to kick off your summer than spending Session 1 riding with Signature Session™ Pros Pat Moore, Mike Ravelson, Mary Rand and Johnny O'Connor? Of course you can’t…It’s going to be “wicked” fun! We were going to call this the "New England Session", but Johnny is from New York, and what's right is right…right?

We are joining these Yankees in saying, Come Ride with Us this summer at HCSC. Session 1 happens on Mt. Hood in the state of Oregon from June 16-23, 2015.

*Cameos by Scott Blum, Harrison Gordon, and Miles Fallon.