The 48-hour premiere of The Summer Snowboard Movie is over, but stay tuned because starting Monday, February 29th, HCSC and SNOWBOARDER will be releasing a new segment from the film each week. Want more? Go to Highcascade.com to check out summer 2016 dates and prices or reach out to the office direct at 503.206.8520.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp has long been a bastion of summertime bliss, a volcanic mecca of slushy turns and a nucleus of mind-boggling tricks from across the strata of snowboarders. At the close of every session, six times a summer, three minutes of warm weather hammers are released in the always highly anticipated HCSC Session edits. While these videos are mainstays of making sure the snowboarding-starved populous (read: any of us that don’t schedule a session at High Cascade) gets a consistent dose of boarding before winter returns, despite the plethora of bangers nestled cleanly into each and every segment, they are far from all that goes down on the Palmer snowfield. And that brings us to The Summer Snowboard Movie, just over twenty minutes of proper as heck tricks from an equally prestigious list of riders who frequent the salted snow of the HCSC lane. No matter that Mother Nature went a little light last year on the West Coast, the riding on Mount Hood was heavy as usual and luckily for all of us looking to make the annual pilgrimage to the Oregon this June, July and/or August, the trails of Timberline are covered in snow.

So, sit back and enjoy Jack Harris, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Marc O'Malley, Joe Sexton, Cody Beiersdorf, Ralph Kucharek, Kody Williams, John Murphy, Jordan Morse, Brady Lem, Tommy Gesme, Brett Wilkinson, Alex Lopez, Blake Paul, Gus Warbington, Ben Bilocq, Chris Roach, Cody Horan, Mark Wilson, Mike Gray, Seth Hill, Gigi Ruf, Kevin Holmes, Garrett Warnick, Jake Aaronson, Austen Sweetin, Scott Stevens, Tim Eddy, Andrew Aldridge, Phil Jacques, Chad Otterstrom, Parker Duke, Johnny Castro, Vinny, Blake Geis, Corey McDonald, Jeffy Gabrick, Andy Glader, Adam Lewandoski, Cullen Berklau, Oliver Dixon, Sam Kline, Matt Miller, Matt Ruhle, Bob Abrams, Chili Graves, Christian Sparks, Miles Fallon, Al Grogan, Drew Poganski, Matt Larsen, Dusty Miller, Brian Pracht, Christian Hobush, Jordan Small, Brandon Cocard, Lenny Mazzotti, Benny Milam, Mike Ravelson, Parker Szumowski, Johnny O'Connor, Cole Navin, Bar Dadon, Max Warbington, Ben Bilodeau, Blaze Kotsenburg, Sage Kotsenburg, Tyler Orton, Logan Beaulieu, and Jesse Gouveia in High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s The Summer Snowboard Movie.

Filmed by Tyler Orton, RJ McNichols, Matt Roberge, Eli Olson, Mia Lambson, Adam "Beff" Ruzzamenti, and Devon Bernard during the summer of 2015. Edited by Tyler Orton

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From High Cascade:

While there's no hiding that the west coast had a less than snow year up on Mount Hood, but the level of fun, sun, and friends up on Mount Hood exceeded maximum capacity! Snowboarding with High Cascade's Signature Session™ Pros, HCSC's staff, and an TON of ripping campers leads to progression and endless amounts of creativity. Sometimes being creative is hard work, sometimes it's looking at things from an alternative angle, and it's pretty apparent that the amount of creativity found in the Summer Snowboard Movie is unparalleled. Thanks to the Palmer snowfield and our amazing Diggers, we were riding real snow and having a blast all June, July, and August.